Graduate Keyboard Audition Requirements

Prescreening - required of all applicants

  • Prescreening video:
    • 20-30 minutes of varied repertoire that is representative of the applicant’s musical and pianistic accomplishment
    • Prescreening repertoire does not necessarily have to be the same as the live audition repertoire
  • Repertoire list: Please provide a list of works that have been fully learned and performed that you consider part of your professional repertoire
  • Prescreening videos and the repertoire list must be uploaded to SlideRoom by December 1. Only those candidates judged by the faculty to be at the highest level will be invited to audition live
Teaching sample - required of all applicants to Keyboard Performance & Pedagogy
  • Minimum of 20 minutes of private teaching, with a student of any age/level
  • The selection should contain enough teacher-student interaction to demonstrate your teaching style
  • Teaching sample videos must be uploaded to SlideRoom by December 1 

On-campus audition

Applicants for the Master of Music:
  • 40-45 minutes of memorized program representing three of the following stylistic periods: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and/or Contemporary
Applicants for the Doctor of Musical Arts:
  • 50-60 minutes of memorized program representing four of the following stylistic periods: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary
Applicants for all programs:
  • A 15-minute interview with the faculty panel immediately following the audition
  • Writing and reading comprehension assessment following the interview (up to 75 minutes)
    • You will be asked to answer three reading-comprehension questions and write two short essays in response to prompts/scholarly texts on music-related topics (You will be given a pool of prompts/scholarly texts to choose from)
    • This requirement is waived if an applicant chooses to submit a GRE score instead. If you are unable to attend the live audition, you must submit a GRE score.

If you are invited to audition for the faculty, you will be contacted by the Office of Admission to schedule your audition. For scholarship and teaching assistantship consideration, all applicants must audition live on-campus.  If an applicant wishes to submit a recorded audition the recording must include date stamped audio and video, and all material should be recorded at the same time in the same space.  No repertoire substitutions.