Scholarships and Financial Support

Here in the Frost School, we understand your concerns regarding the financial obligations of graduate studies. Students have many factors to consider, including employment opportunities and guidelines, living expenses, tuition, and other school-related expenses. Thankfully, a number of resources are available to help you successfully manage your financial responsibilities. We strongly encourage you to be proactive and to plan ahead regarding financial support, so that financial issues do not interfere with your academic progress.

Graduate Assistantships in the Frost School of Music

When you apply for admission to a graduate degree program in the Frost School of Music, you will automatically be considered for a Graduate Assistantship. Therefore, you do not need to submit a separate application for this award. Graduate Assistants many times help faculty members with teaching, thus they are commonly referred to as “teaching assistants” or, “TAs.”  All applicants are considered, including applicants who live in the United States, as well as international applicants.

These highly-competitive awards consist of a partial or full tuition scholarship, as well as a monthly stipend during the academic year (i.e., from August to May). The maximum value of our teaching assistantships is as follows:

Full Tuition Scholarship:
    Masters Degree student:  9 - 10 credits per semester
    Doctoral Student:            10 credits per semester

Full Stipend:
    Masters Degree student:  $10,000 per academic year
    Doctoral Student:            $12,000 per academic year

Graduate assistantships are awarded to individuals who submit exceptionally strong applications and who have a demonstrated ability to contribute to their intended degree program. For example, some graduate assistants help faculty teach classes, or they can independently teach classes and lessons. Other graduate assistants may contribute to faculty research or assist with administrative duties. Graduate assistants who are majoring in instrumental performance (classical or jazz), also participate in the Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra as part of their duties.

Mancini Fellows in the Frost School of Music

All applicants for graduate degree programs in instrumental performance as well as jazz performance or composition are also considered for a financial award known as a Mancini Fellow.  This award can be combined with a Graduate Assistantship, or given separately.  Mancini Fellows receive a financial award and become members of the Henry Mancini Institute (HMI) Orchestra that provides opportunities to perform and record with world-class artists of multiple genres. 

Mancini Fellows have no other work duties and are awarded a full tuition scholarship, as well as a half-stipend during the academic year (i.e., from August to May).  Typical award packages for Mancini Fellows are as follows:

Full Tuition Scholarship:
    Masters Degree Student:  9-10 credits per semester
    Doctoral Student:            10 credits per semester

Half Stipend:  
    Masters Degree Student:  $5,000 per academic year
    Doctoral Student:            $6,000 per academic year

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