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On-Campus Programs

Items Deadline
Application December 1
Supplemental Materials February 1

Live Entertainment Management

Media Scoring and Production

Music Industry

Music Engineering Technology

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    • Current Frost School of Music Undergraduate Students click here.
  • Upload prescreenings/conduction/teaching samples/portfolios (if applicable) – check the Audition/Portfolio Requirements page for specific information.

Supplemental Materials

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  • Auditions & Prescreens, Conducting/Teaching Samples, Interviews, Portfolios

    The following supplemental materials may be required for some applicants. Please see the Degree Program Requirements and the Application & Program Requirements for specific information.

    Auditions & Prescreens

    Deadline: December 1

    Requirements: Prescreen Requirements

    Submit here

    If approved after a review of your prescreen, you will be contacted after January 1st to schedule a audition date. All performance programs require a prescreening and invitations to audition will be extended to those applicants approved by faculty review. Do not make travel plans until you receive a confirmation email from Frost Admissions.

    Conducting Sample

    Deadline: December 1

    Requirements: Conducting Requirements

    Submit here


    If your program requires an interview, you will be contacted by department faculty to schedule a date. 


    Deadline: Varies by program

    Requirements: Portfolio Requirements

    Submit here.  

    Teaching Sample

    Deadline: December 1

    Requirements: Teaching Sample Requirements

    Submit here

  • Resume, Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation

    • Resume - attached to the application at the time of submission. This does not need to be sent seperately.
    • Statement of Purpose* - attached to the application at the time of submission. This does not need to be sent separately.
    • Three letters of recommendation - submitted online as part of the application. These do not need to be sent separately
    *Please note, the statement of purpose is not the same as a writing sample. Some programs have a supplemental writing sample requirement. Please see the Degree Program Requirements.


    TOEFL/IELTS Score - Click here for more information

    Institution Code

    TOEFL: 5815

    IELTS: 4862

  • Transcripts - Domestic

    Required for all applicants:

    Attach unofficial transcripts (pdf format only) to your application of all prior institutions attended for application review purposes. Unofficial transcripts uploaded within the application may be used to initiate the review of your application.

    If accepted, official transcripts from ALL schools attended, regardless of if a degree was granted or not (even if it was a single class), must be sent directly to the Frost School of Music from the issuing institution in order to be considered official. Transcripts sent by the applicant will not be accepted. 

    • Electronic transcripts are accepted from electronic transcript services (such as Parchment, National Student Clearing House, etc.). PDF transcripts not sent through an electronic transcript service are not acceptable as official. 
      • Option 1 (preferred): Enter Recipient Manually
      • Option 2: Select to be sent to "Graduate School"
    • Hard-copy transcripts from the institution can be mailed to: 

          PO Box 248165, Coral Gables, FL 33124

    Applicants with international transcripts, please click here for specific instructions about evaluations.

  • Transcripts - International

    Submit the following educational documents to an approved international credentialing evaluation service. The Frost School of Music must receive completed evaluations and official documents by February 1. Decisions will not be released until all official materials are received: 

    a) Official original diplomas and certificates in the original language, and

    b) Official original transcripts in the original language (names of courses, grades, and hours of instruction) for every year of study. 

    Documents in a language other than English must be accompanied by professional, certified English translations. Translations supplement but do not replace the official documents.

    For more information on International Applications and document evaluation, please click here.

  • Writing Sample

    Send to:

    Some programs have a supplemental writing requirement. Check the program requirements chart for individual program requirements. 

    Submit a scholarly writing sample on a topic related to your area of study or a broader musical topic. A research paper, article, or similar is appropriate. 

    Music Therapy and Music Education require specific writing samples. 

    *Please note, the statement of purpose that is uploaded with the online application is not the same as the writing sample. 

Music, Media, & Industry

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  • Music Industry (MIND), Live Entertainment Management

    If you are applying to Music Industry (MIND)Live Entertainment Management, or the JD/MA programs, the following deadlines apply: 

    Items Deadline
    International applicants and priority domestic applicants December 1
    All JD/MA applicants  April 1
    Final application and supplemental materials deadline for domestic applicants  June 1


  • Music Engineering Technology or Media Scoring and Production

    If you are applying to Music Engineering Technology or Media Scoring and Production, the following deadlines apply:

    Items Deadline
    International applicants and priority domestic applicants December 1
    Priority portfolio deadline January 1
    Final application and portfolio deadline - all applications/supplemental materials/portfolios due April 1


Application Guidelines

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  • Application Guidelines

    • Applications are accepted for the fall term only.
    • Applications are accepted for one degree program only. 
    • Graduate applicants must have a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA for consideration. 4+1 applicants must have a minimum of a 3.6 cumulative GPA for consideration.
    • Applicants must be pursuing or have earned the appropriate prior music degree(s) from a regionally accredited institution in order to apply for a graduate-level music program.
      • Bachelor of Music/Master of Music
      • Applicants with a Bachelor of Arts in Music will be considered if their degree includes the equivalent core music courses.
      • MA in Music Industry and the MA in Live Entertainment Management do not require prior music degrees.
      • MM in Musicology and the MM in Media Scoring and Production - a BM is preferred, but not required.
      • MS in Music Engineering Technology - A Bachelor of Science or STEM related major, such as music technology, electrical engineering, computer science, or related fields is preferred. Other degrees and majors will also be considered, based on faculty evaluation of the portfolio and college transcripts.
    • If you are accepted and decide to attend the Frost School, you will be required to submit an official final transcript and/or official evaluation (for international transcripts) showing a conferred degree.
    • Materials submitted in support of an application cannot be released for other purposes nor returned to the applicant.

  • Decisions

    Students are recommended for admission to the Frost School of Music by the faculty and admission committees. Final acceptance to the Graduate program is made after all materials requested by the Frost School of Music have been received and evaluated. Applicants are responsible for tracking the status of their application materials and should do so on CaneLink.

    Please allow at least one month for documents to be processed and marked as complete. If you are unable to access your CaneLink account, please check the CaneLink FAQ. Scholarships and/or Assistantships are awarded based on faculty recommendation. Admission decisions are sent out starting in late March.

5-Year Dual Degree Program and 4+1 Program

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  • 5-Year Dual Degree Program

    The Frost School offers a 5-Year Dual Degree that combines the Bachelor of Music degree in Instrumental Performance (classical) with the Master of Arts degree in Live Entertainment Management. Enrolled students should meet with their academic advisor to determine eligibility for this degree program. If eligibility is confirmed, students should follow all application guidelines and deadlines above.

  • 4+1 Masters Degree Options

    Additional combinations of undergraduate degrees and master's degrees are available as 4+1 degree programs. These programs also offer an accelerated path to the master's degree and have more flexibility than the 5-Year Dual Degree. Enrolled students should consult with their undergraduate advisor to review the available 4+1 options and determine their eligibility. If eligibility is confirmed, students should follow all application guidelines and deadlines above.

Current Frost Undergraduate Students

Accordion Group

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  • Rapid Admissions

    “Rapid Admissions” is available for current Frost School of Music undergraduate students. This accelerated process is being offered only to our current undergraduate students who may be interested in pursuing one of our many exceptional graduate degree programs.

    Students admitted through the Rapid Admissions process will not need to provide:

    • Official transcripts from the University of Miami.
    • GRE or other entrance exam scores.
      • GRE scores will be waived for applicants to the MM in Music Education.
    • Prescreen/Audition/Portfolios/Interviews UNLESS specifically stipulated by Frost School program directors.
    • Letters of Recommendation: You will need to provide names and contact information of three references, which graduate program directors can then use when making acceptance decisions, as needed

  • Rapid Admissions - Guidelines

    Apply Online Now Button

    • Submit an application/fee through CollegeNET.
    • Names and contact information of three references, which graduate program directors can then use when making acceptance decisions, as needed
    • Send an unofficial University of Miami transcript to:

    Specific program requirements, such as auditions and portfolios, might still be required by faculty and will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

    In order to be considered, applicants must:

    • Have a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA from their current Frost School studies.
    • Be scheduled to graduate the spring before the start of their graduate program.  

    Additional input regarding the applicant’s suitability for graduate studies, outside the regular graduate admission process, will be gathered from the applicant’s current program director and the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, as appropriate.

    For more details about the application process, please see How to Apply Applicants will be considered for all available merit-based awards.

  • Rapid Admissions - Deadlines

    All deadlines are the same as the regular graduate admission timeline. If admitted, students are expected to begin their graduate degree program in the fall semester, immediately following their spring semester graduation from a Frost School undergraduate degree program. 

    Application deadline: December 1

    Supplemental materials deadline: February 1